Hundred Islands Photos

3 06 2010

On the Monday after my birthday, our boss took us on a day-trip to Hundred Islands, which is about 3 hours south in the province of Pangasinan. As one of the last super hot and sunny days we’ve had (rainy season has started up now – temperatures are a bit cooler, a heavy downpour tends to happen in the evening or late afternoon, and there is somewhat more cloud cover), it was a great chance to see some neat geology. While I’m not sure if the area, which is a national park, has exactly 100 islands, there are indeed many small chunks and larger chunks all scattered in a cluster off-shore. I’d be really interested to know what geological processes contributed to making this area the way it is, but for now, we just had to enjoy some cool snorkeling (where we saw a tonne of giant clams and corals) and a nice day of boating and beach going!

Check out the pics!




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