Banaue Rice Terraces and Beyond!

5 07 2010

Last weekend we took an office-sponsored trip to interior Luzon, stopping in the small adventure tourism town of Sagada and proceeding on the next day to the world famous Banaue Rice Terraces (claimed by some to be the ‘8th Wonder of the World’). It was pretty wild – 24 of us from the office went, many of whom (the poor laborer guys) hadn’t travelled anywhere in years, so it was neat to see their reactions at things throughout the trip. The trip itself involved a shitload of driving – we left at 330am on Saturday, drove to Baguio City by 5ish, left again at 6ish, then drove pretty solidly until noonish to reach Sagada, where we spent the day going on a tour of this wicked cave. Then off again at 5am the next morning to drive solidly again until 1030ish to get to Banaue, then off again by 1 to drive until 4ish to get to the province of Isabela, where we checked out a big hydroelectric dam, then drove back from 5ish till 3am Monday to get home! Definitely a serious journey of commuting, but the roads were spectacular – following along the tops of mountains and giving consistently amazing scenery, which made it worthwhile! Check out the pics!




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