Delicious Filipino Fruits and Foods!

26 08 2010

Here it is: a compilation of all the unique fruits we ate here in the Philippines, plus a few other notable snacks and some meals we cooked at home (which was the novelty for us, since we ate out most of the time!). This certainly isn’t everything interesting we’ve eaten here. I didn’t get pictures of pretty much any of the neat veggies, nor any of the canteen foods we always ate, nor many other things, but it still gives you a taste of it!

The diversity of foods here in the Philippines is great, it makes eating a much more interesting thing to do when there’s so many new things to try! Notably absent from this gallery, though, is Durian, which is only grown in the south and which we desperately wanted to try – but I think the season came and went without our ever seeing it, so I’ll have to hope that I’ll find it somewhere else in Southeast Asia! Enjoy!




2 responses

30 08 2010
Dennis Weber

Yummy!! Cant wait to have you cook a meddle of these foods for us when you are back.

Grant and I are in Vancouver for the usual 2 weeks in summer. Enjoying dinners together with your parents.

I hear you are off on a tour of South East Asia. I wish you well. Make it back to us in good health, single (!!!!! no purchased wives here), and eventually.

Keep up your posts if possible, to keep us informed and intouch.

17 01 2011

we had durian on one of the last days you were here. did you take a pic? if so, you should put it up too.

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