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How it works: The toilet bowl is partitioned – you shit in the back portion and piss in the front portion. You then pour ash into the back portion each time you use it. This dries out the poop and prevents odors and flies. If you’re an ass washer (which most people here, including me) are, rather than a wiper, you then shift yourself to squat over the adjacent drain and wash yourself there, with a pipe that carries this anal wash water to a nearby flower bed. If you’re a wiped, you’re supposed to put your used paper in a separate trash can for burning, as it won’t decompose in the dry toilet area. The purpose of separating urine and feces is that urine makes a great fertilizer – as long as you let it sit in a closed container for a month, its totally clean and ready to dilute with water and pour onto your plants. Yes, its smelly, but it does the job without needing to buy / make artificial, carbon-intensive fertilizers. Then, with the dried feces, you can take the bag they fall into, bury it in the ground for 6 months to a year (enough time to kill most pathogens), then dig it back up and you’ll have a humus-like compost product you can use for planting. This type of toilet is great because it doesn’t use much water and it closes the nutrient loop. There is no such thing as ‘waste’ in nature, so it is more ecologically sound to take our excretements and use them to grow ourselves more food rather than just flush them away and use energy intensive large scale treatment processes on this mixed flushwater! (Just as its easier to recycle a pure metal can than it is a mixed metal CD, its easier to treat/recycle separated urine/feces/anal wash water than it is to treat/recycle them all together!)



2 responses

21 04 2011

No waste in nature? You and I should have a talk about the second law of thermodynamics. 😛

22 04 2011

Har har. 😛

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